Binding and String #3GL0621, 2021, 
Etching, chine collé, metal leaf, Japanese washi paper,Paper size: 43 cm x 52 cm, Image size: 18 cm x 18 cm, V.E. 2/3
The ‘Binding and String’ series is inspired by a Japanese dyeing method, in which string prevents corrosion on a metal plate.
My metal-binding technique shows how a plate is corroded over time.
A plate treated by this approach is so fragile, and each one has slightly different details thus generating a variable edition. 
The transformation of materials only happens once and cannot be reversed. 
I have become very interested in this unpredictability.
In my recent prints, I also use the chine collé technique with metal leaf, inspired by the Japanese tradition of visible mending of pottery with gold.
I explore the concept of accepting and caring for the irreversible scars of our everyday existence and how these scars transform us in some way. 
I view this as a natural process, that we are imperfect and that our lives are full of chance elements.
Selected for Intaglio Online Exhibition 2021

This curated online exhibition showcases a selection of contemporary artists working with intaglio internationally.

17 August - 18 September 2021

Megalo Print Studio, Australia

PDF catalogue is avarable.

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