Binding and String #5

2019, etching and ink on Japanese washi paper, paper size: 64.5x48.5cm, image size: 18x17cm, V.E. 1/3, private collection

Binding and String #5, 2019 (details)

In the "Binding and String" series, my metal-binding technique is inspired by a Japanese dyeing method, in which string prevents corrosion on a metal plate. 
My metal-binding process shows how a plate is corroded over time. A plate treated by this approach is so fragile that it can only create a couple of prints. Each print has slightly different details, thus generating a Variable Edition.
Furthermore, this transformation of materials only happens once and cannot be reversed. I have become very interested in this randomness and unpredictability believing that the principles and rules of the universe are hidden there. 
Selected for Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2021 EDITION 6

11-14 November 2021​​​​​​​

Woolwich Works, The Fireworks Factory, London, UK


11-14 November 2021

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